Stage fright can be overcome!

Many stage performers, regardless of whether they are speaking, singing or playing an instrument, battle mental and emotional “demons” that threaten to derail them during their performances.

Being talented at a performance art can be satisfying and rewarding, even awe-inspiring during rehearsal, when there’s no pressure to perform at one’s best.

But when there’s an audience, the wheels can fall off when anxiety rears its ugly head.

Many very talented presenters and performers simply stop performing because they can’t handle the pressure to be “perfect.”  Some fear that a mistake will ruin their hobby or career.

Others believe that being vulnerable and emotionally available when they perform will render them weak and fragile, when, in fact, speaking and performing “from the heart” are the safest things to do.

FACT: They are usually just in their own ways!

At Couragio we have the keys to performance freedom!

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