Business Presentations

We’ve all had the experience of having to uncomfortably sit through a seemingly endless business presentation given by a less than confident presenter with weak presentation skills. We may have also experienced “death by PowerPoint” as a presenter droned on, spewing data and facts at a tormented audience. Much like those of us who watch TV in our living rooms, with the remote control by our sides, just in case we lose interest in the channel we’re watching and we need to change the channel, every audience member has the choice of remaining engaged in a given presentation or simply “changing the channel” by engaging with a mobile device, reading material or another “distraction”, instead. Granted, it’s tough to keep an audience engaged for an extended period of time, but doing so is certainly within reach of the presenter with well-honed presentation skills. Presenters with engaging and startlingly effective presentation skills are destined to keep audiences connected and get their messages remembered and likely gain more clients and followers.

Through individual coaching and group workshops, we help new and experienced presenters acquire and hone their presentation skills to keep them engaged with their audiences. By identifying and reducing distractions such as unnecessary gestures and movement, verbal fillers, non-committal language, lack of eye contact and monotone delivery (to name a few), not only do our clients become more engaging to audiences, but they also become more expressive and self-confident. By providing a safe and supportive environment in which to try out new skills and ideas, we help our clients learn to embrace the initial discomfort of trying something they have never done before so they can move beyond their initial limitations. Video recording and guided self-discovery are some of the valuable tools we use to help clients shed old habits and develop new ones.

Our most-popular group workshop is our 3-Day Model, which works best with 8 attendees:

Day 1

An initial impromptu exercise is used to identify everyone’s growth and development opportunities (in a level playing field, i.e., no one can rely on job knowledge to enhance their presentation skills, confidence, etc.). Next is instruction on characteristics and behaviors that make presenters engaging and compelling, discussion regarding audience analysis (demographic, situational and psychological) and what the presenter can learn from doing that “homework”, and followed by instruction on how to create compelling and engaging introductions to presentations.

Day 2

Each attendee meets individually with the instructor for approximately 45-minutes to discuss findings and development opportunities after the first day’s activities…discussion topics are chosen by the attendee.

Day 3

The class observes and discusses several video recorded presentations (from published, non-student recordings). Mid-day each attendee has the opportunity to present about 20 minutes from one of his/her pre-developed presentations and receive feedback and suggestions from the class and the instructor, with multiple opportunities to implement those suggestions. The day concludes with discussion of effective question and answer session techniques and strategies, how to close the presentation, and followed by an opportunity for each attendee to conduct a brief, five-minute “mock” Q&A session.

  • Constant feedback and suggestions for improvement from the instructor and others in the class is part of the program, as well.
  • Lunch should be brought in for the group on days 1 and 3.
  • All presentation performances are video recorded and made available to the attendees for viewing via a Google share drive.
  • Contact us for pricing and availability.