A presentation skills seminar does more than remind you to look at your audience and speak in a clear tone.  It dives into the root of your presentation challenges and helps you emerge with confidence, a clear vision of your communication style, and powerful tools to deliver a clear message that engages your audience…every time.

Great presenters and communicators are generally not born with those skills.

Let that sink in….great presenters and communicators are generally not born with those skills.   They gain them through training, coaching, practice, and observing others who have powerful communication skills.

Whatever your challenge is, nerves and anxiety, dealing with pressure to be “perfect”, audience perception of you, lack of self-confidence, lack of audience engagement, self-doubt, or fear of allowing your “true self” to be seen…mitigating those challenges and becoming a great presenter are within your grasp.  All you need to do is find the right educational opportunities (class/workshop/coach/mentor/tools) to get to the root of your challenges and guide you to powerful growth and development.

In your quest for the right solution, look for testimonials that talk about how the workshop/class/seminar addressed the root of the person’s challenge(s)…and not just that “it was a great workshop that really helped me.”

What exactly should you be looking for in testimonials?

Some of my favorite “acknowledgments”, as reported by my presentation skills seminar participants include:

1.  “It opened up the walls that were in place and introduced me to heartfelt vulnerability and allowing my true self to be seen.”

2.  “…inspired confidence, enthusiasm, and an enjoyment for presenting that I had trouble finding before … truly allowing me to find my presenting style and voice.”

3.   “To get out of my own way and perceived limitations and see my potential.”

4.  “…will help you forget about outside pressures and focus on the internal mental functionality to deliver a smooth, concise presentation.”

5.  “I thought I was a good presenter because I was following all the best practices. What I realized during the workshop is that I was missing opportunities to deliver my content in a genuine, authentic way that truly engages the audience.”

6.  “Helped me overcome substantial anxiety issues that have affected my public performances for years. He helped me to get outside of my comfort zone and break down the walls keeping me from moving past those limitations.”


Testimonials that speak to addressing individual challenges are a great indicator that a workshop and/or coach can help you get on the right path to becoming a truly effective presenter.

You have the potential to be a great presenter.  We all do.

So…what are you waiting for? Get started on your quest right away. A year from now you’ll look back and wish you’d started today.

Next Steps

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