Standout Speakers:  Small Group Presentation Workshop

Small Group Presentation Workshop for Professionals, "Standout Speakers"At the end of this 3 day workshop intensive, you will have fine-tuned the content and delivery of your selected presentation.  You will be able to deliver with confidence, authentic style and in a way that engages the audience and keeps them engaged.

Who is this workshop for? Professionals, both new and experienced, who have a desire to develop and improve their presentation skills. Attendees will need to bring an already-developed presentation to work on.

How many people can attend the workshop?  A maximum of 6-8 people.  We believe in keeping the class small so that each attendee receives the attention, practice and feedback required to vastly improve their presentation skills.  Through years of experience, we have found this group size to be ideal for attendees.

This is way out of my comfort zone.  Our coaches are committed to helping our clients learn to embrace the initial discomfort of trying new presentation techniques that they may never have used before so they can move beyond their initial limitations.  Even our most apprehensive clients say that our safe and supportive environment is perfect for trying out and practicing new skills and ideas.

What teaching tools are used?  A combination of instruction, practice, performing, video recording, watching the video recordings, group coaching, one-on-one coaching, guided self-discovery, and more performing are some of the valuable tools we use to help clients shed old habits and develop new ones.

Check out testimonials from previous workshop and training session attendees.

Workshop Day 1,  9am-4pm

Initial exercise to identify participants’ growth and development opportunities

Instruction on characteristics and behaviors that make presenters engaging

Discussion regarding audience analysis and what the presenter can learn from doing “homework”

Discussion on how to create compelling introductions

Each attendee will have at least two performance opportunities

All performances are video recorded for future reference

Workshop Day 2,  45 minute private coaching session

Each attendee meets with the Instructor for a 45-minute private coaching session to review and work on findings and development opportunities identified on the first workshop day.

Guidance is provided for a successful 15-20 minute continuation of the presentation delivered on Day 1.

Workshop Day 3, 9am-4pm

Instructor and all attendees are back in the class together.

Each attendee presents for 15-20 minutes with focused feedback from the instructor and fellow attendees

Instructor provides tips on effective presentation summaries and conclusions, as well as tips on how to conduct effective and memorable question and answer sessions.

Each attendee has an opportunity to give a powerful wrap-up, conduct a 5-10 minute Q&A session, and execute a memorable conclusion.

Communication Coaching:  Individual Sessions

Communication Coaching for public speaking, presentations, job interviews and interpersonal communications by Couragio Consulting

Our consultants have helped individuals improve their communication skills for professional activities such as job interviews, interpersonal communication, public speaking engagements, presentations, staff management, team meetings, entrepreneur pitches, sales presentations, negotiations and vocal performances.

After seeing tremendous success from our professional guidance, many of our clients have also requested the help of our Coaches for important life events such as marriage proposals, marriage vows, wedding speeches and toasts, and interpersonal communication improvement.

We look forward to embarking on this life-changing journey with our clients and welcome them to the Couragio family!

Read what some of our ‘family members’ have to say.

Step 1: Communication Assessment [FREE]

Our initial FREE 15-20 minute session is designed to learn about you, your goals, and challenges.  In addition to discussion and questions, your Coach may ask you to give a 5-minute “performance” which will be video recorded for review by you and your Coach.  We’re happy to conduct this Assessment in person in our Williamsburg, VA studio or via video call.

Step 2: Coach Recommendations

skill areas that need development or enhancement;

whether the coach/client “fit” is appropriate for your desired coaching outcomes;

a custom Success Plan that outlines how your Coach can help your meet your goals

Step 3:  Get Started! 

Communication Coaching Sessions can be conducted at Couragio Consulting offices in Williamsburg, Virginia, via video conference (FaceTime, Skype, Google Hangout, etc.), or at your location (travel expenses may apply).


Building Communication Confidence Though Improvisation

Improvisation exercises and activities help groups to build communication self-confidence and confidence when interacting with each other.

These are skills that are critical to effective business Improv-a-ramainteractions, meetings and presentations.

While improvisation is often thought of as “comedy” and “trying to get a laugh”, our improvisation program focuses on business-related outcomes including:

  • building communication confidence
  • practicing quickness of thought and “going with your gut”
  • creating and maintaining self-awareness and awareness of others
  • developing the ability to quickly connect with others
  • building trust and learning to collaborate to solve problems

Designed for groups of 10-50 participants, our programs gently introduce participants to the world of improv (in a business context) and gradually increase the challenge level, while maintaining a safe, non-judgemental learning environment where surprising results are achieved.

Sessions are customized to the client’s desired outcomes and can run from 1 to 3 hours in duration.