6 Strategies from Networking Pros

6 Strategies of Networking Heroes

By Networking

6 Strategies of Networking Heroes that Everyone Can Use Have you ever seen that person at a business networking event who seems to know just about everyone? Or how about the person who arrives at an event only knowing a few people and by the end of the event has…

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Couragio Consulting Business Card

4 Business Card Errors to Avoid

By Networking

I see it time and time again…people who show up at networking events without their business card “game” on. They apparently don’t realize that business cards are an important way for people to remember whom they met and to be able to easily contact the people with whom they really…

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Presentation Aid Guidelines

Guidelines for Using Presentation Aids

By Presentations

We all know that presentation aids, when used effectively, can help gain attention, enhance understanding through illustration, help listeners organize their ideas, and help to make ideas “stick”. Use of such tools is known as “visual rhetoric”, which focuses not only on what the audience hears, but also on what…

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Williamsburg Next Door Neighbors January 2017 Gary Plaag Couragio Consulting

Confidence in Communicating: Gary Plaag, Journey to Coaching

By News

Williamsburg “Next Door Neighbor” Article Confidence in Communicating – Gary Plaag by Alison Johnson Williamsburg’s “Next Door Neighbors” magazine, Vol 11, Issue 1, January 2017; Reprinted below with permission As a child, Gary Plaag wasn’t comfortable talking in front of a class. When he first began performing in barbershop harmony…

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